जग का खेल

इस जंग का खेल निराला है,।                                बस करमो‌‍ का बोलबाला हैं,    दूर तक  ये जो गई नजर                                         दिखता वहीं नजारा [...]


Love in touch #love. #feeling

तू छू ले मुझे इन हवाओं में क्यों दिल ये मुझसे कहता है क्यों तेरी उलफत में मुझको सुकून हर पल मिलता है बस एक बार गुजारिश करते है तेरी सांसे मुझ में फना बस जाए एक बार तेरी ज़ुल्फो में मेरी शामो को पनाह मिल जाए एक बार तेरी मुस्कुराहटों से घर आंगन मेरा [...]

Love for singles…

This picture depict the feeling of those who are fallen in love.. isn't it correct.. I don't know what happened to them.they smiled all the time uselessly and always remain in their Dreamland. Their imagination is like, suddenly become drastically good. But always dreams rubbish things.they always pretend like they can't live without each other. [...]

In love…

This is written in the memories of someone by my brother.. this poem completely glorifies the beauty of his beloved..Poem is- It's not your attitude. That completely makes me sustained. It's your humour. That makes my heart faint. Your glossy lips. Your frozen hair. Your intence care. Your fluffy chick's. All turns my mind towards [...]

All alone

Staring at the mango tree right from the corner In exact time at light evening. I wonder. Where are those days gone. Our remarkable fights, evil plans. Us as a source of enjoyment for tree. You and I always fight for it's mangoes. But at last grandma stick comes as solution for us. Do you [...]